★How Learning English Changed My Child’s Life: A Story of Struggle and Triumph★

As a parent, I always wanted my child to have the best opportunities in life. That’s why I encouraged them to learn English from a young age. But it wasn’t always easy. My child struggled with the language, feeling frustrated and discouraged.

Despite the challenges, we never gave up. We found creative ways to make learning fun, from watching TV shows and movies to playing games and singing songs. Slowly but surely, my child’s confidence and abilities grew.

And then, everything changed. My child was given the opportunity to study abroad, and their fluency in English opened doors they never thought possible. They made new friends, gained valuable experiences, and even landed a dream job after graduation.

Now, looking back on that journey, my child always says, “Learning English changed my life. It was hard work, but it was worth it.”

Whether it’s for education, travel, or career opportunities, learning English can make a world of difference. And for my child, it opened up a world of possibilities.
■English Learning: Children’s Lack of Familiarity with the Language

When it comes to learning English, children can struggle due to the language being unfamiliar to them. Many parents want their children to become proficient in English as early as possible, but find it challenging to get them interested in the language. The lack of familiarity with English can lead to a lack of motivation, which can hinder their progress and make it difficult for them to retain what they have learned.

This problem is further compounded by the fact that many schools only offer English classes at later stages of education, leaving younger children with limited exposure to the language. Additionally, the use of traditional teaching methods, such as memorization and grammar drills, can often be dull and uninteresting for children, further contributing to their lack of motivation.

Without a strong foundation and interest in the language, children may struggle to develop the necessary skills to communicate effectively in English. It’s crucial to address this issue and find ways to make learning English more engaging and enjoyable for kids.
■ 英語が苦手な子供を見捨てるのはもうやめよう!
■Fun Ways to Help Kids Engage with English

There are plenty of fun and creative ways for children to improve their English skills. Here are some solutions to help your child engage with English beyond the classroom:

1. Encourage them to read English books or articles on topics they are interested in, such as sports or animals.

2. Watch English movies or TV shows together and discuss the plot and characters afterwards.

3. Play games that involve speaking or writing in English, like word games or creative writing exercises.

4. Use technology to your advantage by downloading English learning apps or watching English tutorial videos on YouTube.

By implementing these solutions, you can help your child not only improve their English skills, but also develop a love for the language that will benefit them throughout their lives.

■ 4つのアクションで英語に親しむ子供をサポートしよう!

1. 英語の楽しさを伝える


2. 英語の環境を提供する


3. ゲーム感覚で学ぶ


4. 一緒に学ぶ


英語 に 親しむ 子供で悩む方から受けるよくあるご質問
1. 質問:英語を子供に教える最良の方法は何ですか?

2. 質問:子供に英語を指導する際、文法に重点を置くべきですか?

3. 質問:子供が英語を学ぶと、母国語の学習に影響を与えることがありますか?

4. 質問:どの程度の頻度で英語を子供に教えるべきですか?

5. 質問:英語を学ぶために、どのような資源がおすすめですか?


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